Is the physical layout of your mail center vulnerable to theft?

A properly designed physical layout for your mail center is in itself a preventive security measure. The following table provides guidlines for the layout of your mailroom.

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WARNING Willful damage to mailboxes and theft are federal crimes (felonies) punishable by fine or imprisonment or both. (18 U.S. Code 1705 & 1708) Label 33, June 1994

Measures to Deter Theft by Enhancing the Physical Layout of
Your Mail Center


Theft Prevention Tips


Always report suspected mail losses to the Postal Inspection Service by calling 877-876-2455 or online at Losses are charted by the Postal Inspection Service to identify problem areas and assist Postal Inspectors in identifying thieves.

Mail Center Security Checklist


Revenge is the motivation that most often triggers a package bomb or a bomb threat.