United States Postal Service

Publication 41, USPS Procument Manual - Archive

Appendix F Index to Pub 41
Transmittal Letter
Summary of Changes

Chapter 1 Authority, Responsibility, and Policy
Chapter 2 Procurement Planning
Chapter 3 Sources
Chapter 4 Purchasing Methods
Chapter 5 Contract Pricing
Chapter 6 Contract Administration
Chapter 7 Bonds, Insurance, and Taxes
Chapter 8 Special Categories of Contracts
Chapter 9 Patents and Data Rights
Chapter 10 Socioeconomic Policies
Chapter 11 Facilities and Related Services
Chapter 12 Mail Transportation
Appendix A Solicitations
Appendix B Contract Clauses
Appendix C Forms and Formats
Appendix D Rules of Practice in Proceedings Relative to Debarment and Suspension from Contracting
Appendix E Rules of Practice Before the Postal Service Board of Contract Appeals