Prequalify for Highway

Transportation Contracts

Suppliers can compete for contracts to move U.S. mail.

Suppliers who are interested in submitting offers for highway transportation services to move U.S. mail can now prequalify to compete for future contracts. Prequalified suppliers will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Eligibility based on USPS policies and procedures
  • Financial capability
  • Past performance
  • Supplier capability

Supplier Prequalification for Highway Transportation Services is a continuous process and may be reassessed periodically.

To be considered for prequalification, suppliers must submit an original copy and three photocopies of the completed solicitation packet when solications are announced and posted. Applications received after that date may not be considered. Send your package at that time to the following address:

USPS Surface Transportation CMC
ATTN: Highway
Contract Route PQ
P.O. Box 44374
Washington, DC 20026-4374

If you have questions about prequalification, please send an email to

Please download and complete the following documents to apply for prequalification.

Prequalification Solicitation
2008 Solicitation PDF | TXT

Terms and Conditions for Highway Transportation Contracts

  • Highway Contract Route (HCR) Terms and Conditions Based on the Supplying Principles and Practices (SP&Ps) RTF | DOC
  • Vehicle and Load Restraint Requirements RTF | PDF

Wage Determinations

Prequalification Forms and Attachments

  • 2008 Solicitation PDF | TXT
  • SMTP Form 2181 RTF | PDF
  • SMTP Form 7319-C RTF | PDF
  • SMTP 5472-PQ RTF | PDF
  • SMTP Form 5473a RTF | PDF
  • SMTP Form 5473b RTF | PDF
  • SMTP Form 5473c RTF | PDF
  • Fuel Management Program RTF | HTM
  • USPS Sub Contracting Policy/Quarterly Reporting RTF | PDF

Supplier Prequalification Checklist

  • Supplier Checklist RTF | PDF