Vision 2013

Vision 2013, published in 2008, lays out our internal plan for the future. We will continue to strengthen our core operations and services, balancing an immediate and urgent need to reduce costs with a continued commitment to strategies such as Intelligent Mail®, which are essential to our future. We will be guided by one principle: we exist to serve our customers. This vision is our commitment to ensuring a vital Postal Service for future generations.

Our vision rests on three major strategies:

1) Focus on what matters most to customers.

2) Leverage our strengths to create customer value and profits to invest in continued improvement.

3) Embrace change in the way we respond to emerging customer needs and a rapidly evolving business environment.

Focus on what matters most to costumersLeverage Out StrengthsEmbrace Change

Vision 2013 Documents for Download

  • Letter from the Postmaster General/CEO and the Chairman of the Board of Governors
    PDF (56k) | TXT (3k)
  • Full Document (16 pages) PDF (221K) | TXT (43k)
  • Overview PDF (1.4mb) | TXT (9K)

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