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These are not just stamps — they’re 16 ways to help the planet

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Go Green stamps in action

The Postal Service is doing its part to “Go Green” by providing you with eco-friendly mailing materials and stamps.

As part of our Go Green commitment, we’ve designed a series of 16 Forever stamps showing what each of us can do to promote the health of our environment.

Some ways you can go green

Plant Trees stamp

Plant trees. Besides producing oxygen and removing carbon dioxide and contaminants from the air, trees and other plants provide a habitat for birds and other wildlife.

Adjust thermostat stamp

Adjust the thermostat. Every degree you lower your thermostat in cold weather, or raise it during hot weather, can lower your energy bill by 3 percent and conserve valuable natural resources.

Public transportation stamp

Use public transportation. Taking the bus, train or carpooling vs. driving your own car saves gas, money and reduces pollution.

Reduce footprint stamp

Do your part to help. Our friend Sam is looking around in his home for ways to help the planet.

Help Sam go green

Buy Go Green Forever stamps and products

Learn more about Go Green Forever stamps at Beyond the Perf.