2010 Sustainability Report
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We’ve been recycling a long time

The Postal Service was recycling long before there was a universal symbol for it.

Instead of paying to dispose of used materials as solid waste, USPS districts across the country use innovative ways to recycle more, share their best practices and generate recycling revenue for the Postal Service.

Better waste management progress requires more than just hard work. It requires leaner and greener thinking that enables us to act faster and smarter.

It takes figuring out how to match our efforts to the enormous size of our operations and number of facilities. And it requires creative ideas from our employees and Lean Green teams.


Postal employees have been recycling long before it was fashionable or profitable, helping USPS send less waste to landfills.

But an effort under way in one of our Florida districts has employees not only recycling paper at work — but bringing it in from home as well.

The program is called “Bring UR Recycled Paper,” BURRP for short. Employees receive BURRP bags to help them carry newspapers and other recyclable paper from home to work. It’s then collected and sold to a recycler. Employees get to contribute to the recycling effort, and USPS generates revenue.