2011 Sustainability Report
Putting our stamp on a greener tomorrow


Publications are being read in electronic formats more every day. Tablets like the iPad and Kindle Fire, smartphones like iPhones, Android and Windows phones, and ebook readers like the Amazon Kindle and Barnes and Noble Nook are used daily by millions of people. That’s a good thing, especially in terms of sustainability. The more publications that are read this way, the less paper, ink and waste product from printing are produced.

We are making this USPS Sustainability report available in multiple electronic formats to support and encourage reading the report this way.

If you aren’t sure which format is the right one for you, read on.

The ebook format used by most reading devices and smartphones, including all Apple and Android devices, as well as the Nook and Kobo readers.
If you have an Amazon Kindle, then this is for you.
The report in full-color print layout, best for offline reading on your desktop or notebook computer. If you want to print a section then this is your best choice.
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Our three previous sustainablility reports.

Refer to the instructions for your specific reader to read our report after downloading.