2011 Sustainability Report
Putting our stamp on a greener tomorrow

Supply chain stewardship

Reducing consumables

In addition to purchasing more environmentally preferable products, we are focusing on using fewer products overall, particularly by reducing office, custodial and maintenance supplies.

Our target is to reduce spending on consumables 30 percent by FY 2020 using FY 2008 as the baseline. We do this by tracking dollars spent in key areas. Since FY 2008, the Postal Service has reduced consumable spending by more than 38 percent. A purchasing overhaul begun in 2008 has yielded steep reductions in across-the-board spending, including consumables.

In 2010, we extended this effort to our Green Teams initiative, which identifies and implements low- and no-cost efforts to reduce resources and our environmental footprint. Reducing consumables spending meets both our financial and environmental targets.

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