Earthscapes Forever stamps
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Earthscapes Forever stamps continue the Postal Service tradition of portraying our nation's environment on stamps. These stamps communicate America's diverse landscapes in a whole new way.

Spectacular photography from several hundred feet to hundreds of miles above the Earth depict three categories of Earthscape environments: natural, agricultural and urban settings.

The shots from extremely high altitudes were taken from NASA's fleet of satellites used to study the earth, to better understand our changing climate, its interaction with life, and how human activities affect the environment.

The stamps provide a window into our world from a viewpoint most of us never see. Natural features illustrate America's wilderness, from Washington's Mount St. Helens volcano, Utah's Monument Valley, an Alaskan glacier, Yellowstone's geothermal spring, to Maryland's tidal marsh.

Abstract agricultural images capture products being gathered, grown, or harvested, such as salt in California, a timber raft in Idaho, Kansas cropland patterns, a Michigan cherry orchard and a Massachusetts cranberry bog.

Urban life takes center stage with Miami's intricate highway crossroads, Nevada's Clark County subdivisions, Manhattan cityscapes and Pennsylvania's Steamtown national historic site.

"Once you've seen the world from above, you never look at it quite the same way again," said U.S. Postal Service Chief Financial Officer Joe Corbett at the stamps' dedication at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center. "These Earthscapes stamps invite us to take a bird's eye view of the land we all share."