National PCC Week 2017

Sept. 25-29, 2017

More than 100 PCC events are held nationwide during National PCC Week 2017.  Officers, executives and Postal PCC leaders will be deployed across the country to thank and congratulate PCCs for their partnership and to share US Postal Service key business strategies.

Working together with our entire workforce, the USPS and business mailers have a bright future to grow the mailing industry. The PCC network offers mailing and business professionals a forum to share best practices and ideas, while creating a platform that offers solutions to help businesses excel in today’s competitive marketplace.

PCC Week highlights these efforts as we celebrate the cross functional teamwork between our postal employees and industry members that support the PCC network.

Building upon these well-established partnerships is the key to our longevity and success. Together, we can Make Informed Connections for a prosperous future.

PCC Week   PCC Week


  • Keynote message to PCCs

    PMG/CEO Megan Brennan will speak at a joint event hosted by the Greater Baltimore PCC, PCC of the Year Large Market Award winner for 2016, in Annapolis, MD. Postal presenters will share her video message and a PowerPoint presentation at each event.

    Jim Cochrane, Chief Customer and Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President, provides additional perspective on the USPS strategic vision and emerging technologies.

    Dave Williams, Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President, explains the value of reliable service performance.

    Gary Reblin, Product Innovation Vice President, shares information about Informed Delivery.

    PMG's Keynote Message video - Running time: 15 minutes.

PCC Instructions for media playback

See attached pictorial description of how to download video files.

State of the Business PowerPoint presentation

These slides have been prepared for your use to convey consistent corporate message to PCC attendees nationwide during National PCC Week.

  • Leadership Award winners

    Highlights of the 2017 Leadership Awards recipients during a special ceremony at Postal HQ August 1, 2017.

    PCC Leadership Awards video - Running time: 3 minutes.

  • Premier Award winners

    An overview of the platinum, gold, silver and bronze award winners in 2017.

    PCC Premier Awards video - Running time: 7 minutes.

This year’s theme: Make Informed Connections

Working together, the Postal Service and the mailing community have a bright future to grow the size of the mailing industry.

The PCC network offers mailing and business professionals a forum to share best practices and a platform to offer solutions to help businesses grow.

The PCC network provides important feedback to assist the USPS in meeting and exceeding customers’ needs.

As we “Make Informed Connections,” the Postal Service can continue to build on the partnership for a prosperous future through technology and innovation.

PCC Week Background Information

The content of the PCC Week folder is available here for download.

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