Shipping Fundamentals

Who couldn’t use a simpler way to ship?

In a challenging economic year, the Postal Service’s Priority Mail Flat Rate Boxes offered consumers and businesses shelter from uncertainty in the form of predictable pricing.

Ship for a low, flat rate — anywhere in the country.

It’s hard to top that when you’re looking to stretch your dollars. And that’s why customers in growing numbers turned to our Priority Mail Flat Rate Boxes.

With four box sizes, including a new smaller size, and no need to weigh anything under 70 pounds — if it fits, it ships — customers recognized the ease and convenience of flat-rate shipping.

Customers can also save on their shipping by taking advantage of online price breaks for Priority Mail and Express Mail. And for high-volume shippers, we offer Commercial Plus pricing.

During a time when affordability is on everyone’s minds, the Postal Service delivers value.

And who couldn’t use that anytime?