Postal Leadership

Postmaster General and Chief Executive Officer — Patrick R. Donahoe

Deputy Postmaster General — Ronald A. Stroman
Consumer and Industry Affairs V.P. — James Nemec
Corporate Communications V.P. — A/Elizabeth Johnson
Government Relations and Public Policy V.P. — A/Sheila Meyers
Judicial Officer — William Campbell

Chief Marketing and Sales Officer, Executive V.P. — Nagisa Manabe
Global Business V.P. — Giselle E. Valera
New Products and Innovation V.P. — Gary Reblin
Pricing V.P. — Cynthia Sanchez-Hernandez
Sales V.P. — Cliff Rucker
Secure Digital Solutions V.P. — Randy S. Miskanic

Chief Operating Officer and Executive V.P. — Megan J. Brennan
Delivery and Post Office Operations V.P. — Edward F. Phelan, Jr.
Facilities V.P. — Tom Samra
Network Operations V.P. — David E. Williams
Retail Channel Operations V.P. — Kelly M. Sigmon

Vice Presidents, Area Operations
Capital Metro Area — Kristin Seaver
Eastern Area — Joshua Colin
Great Lakes Area — Jacqueline Krage Strako
Northeast Area — Richard P. Uluski
Pacific Area — Dean Granholm
Southern Area — Jo Ann Feindt
Western Area — Drew Aliperto

Chief Financial Officer and Executive V.P. — Joseph Corbett
Controller V.P. — Maura A. McNerney
Finance and Planning V.P. — Shaun E. Mossman
Supply Management V.P. — Susan M. Brownell

Chief Human Resources Officer and Executive V.P. — Jeffrey Williamson
Employee Resource Management V.P. — Rosemarie Fernandez
Labor Relations V.P. — Doug Tulino

Chief Information Officer and Executive V.P. — James (Jim) Cochrane
Engineering Systems V.P. — Michael J. Amato
Information Technology V.P. — John Edgar
Mail Entry and Payment Technology V.P. — Pritha Mehra
Product Information V.P. — Robert Cintron

General Counsel and Executive V.P. — Thomas J. Marshall

Chief Postal Inspector — Guy Cottrell

Organizational Chart with photos
Organizational Chart without photos