Pritha Mehra

Vice President, Mail Entry and Payment Technology

January 2011

Pritha Mehra was named vice president of Mail Entry and Payment Technology in January 2011. In this role, she is responsible for an end-to-end visibility strategy and for a seamless process for mail acceptance, payment and delivery using standardized Intelligent Mail barcodes, continuous mail tracking and mail quality feedback in real time.

Reporting to the chief information officer and executive vice president, Mehra oversees Business Mail Acceptance, Business Mailer Support, Mailer Enterprise Integration, Postage Technology Management and Intelligent Mail solutions.

Prior to this position, Mehra served as vice president of Business Mail Entry and Payment Technologies from June 2008 until January 2011. She was also manager of Marketing Technology and Channel Management, where she led significant changes in business mail acceptance processes, with particular focus on introducing technology with programs such as PostalOne! and Intelligent Mail.

During her postal career, Mehra has held positions in Product Development, Strategic Marketing, Customer Relations, Engineering and Research, and is the recipient of several awards, including awards for superior achievement and the Postmaster General Award. She holds a BS in computer science from the University of Maryland and an MBA from Georgetown University.