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Welcome to the United States Postal Service curriculum resource center. During National Stamp Collecting Month each fall and Black Heritage Month each spring, the Postal Service issues stamps that are particularly relevant and interesting for students. The USPS Stamps Services team and Dr. Jacqueline Hansen, professor for the College of Education at Murray State University in Kentucky, have created an education kit for each special stamp issue designed to bring their featured people and topics to life for you and your students.

Each lesson begins with an induction that hooks into students' personal experiences and academic knowledge. Students are actively involved in multiple learning activities, including cooperative group work, research activities, reading/writing connections, art projects, and games.

Dr. Hansen has traveled world-wide to teach teachers to love teaching as much as she does. When creating these education kits, Dr. Hansen drew upon her extensive experience as an award-winning, veteran elementary teacher. She used many of these strategies with her students when she taught elementary school for over twenty years in Grand Island, Nebraska. The education kits are disseminated, free of charge, to interested educators. For additional information, please contact Dr. Hansen at (270) 809-4212.

Flags of Our Nation
Explore the unique characteristics of our states with educational activities that compliment the Flags of our Nation stamp series. Learn about our national history, geography, and culture in a fun and interesting way!

Flags of Our Nation teaching materials
Teacher's Guide - PDF - 1.5MB | RTF - 9KB
Wall Poster - PDF - 7.6MB | RTF - 4KB
Activity One: State Your Symbols - PDF - 1MB | RTF - 7KB
Activity Two: All Over the Map - PDF - 1.2MB | RTF - 6KB
Family Take-Home Quiz - PDF - 1.3MB | RTF - 6KB

Oscar Micheaux
Celebrate Black History Month by studying this courageous, innovative filmmaker and entrepreneur. Discover how Mr. Micheaux overcame obstacles to become a memorable moviemaker. Create Me TVs, Reali-tvs, and documentaries exploring your world. Walk the red carpet at the Wee Cannes Film Festival! Prepare yourselves for an Oscar-winning educational experience!
Oscar Micheaux Education Kit - PDF - 4.7MB | RTF - 6KB

Anna Julia Cooper
Celebrate Black History Month by studying this extraordinary educator. Listen to the visionary voices of a chorus of feminists who advocated for the rights of all people. Design sensational schools that prepare students for fabulous futures. Delve into quality children’s literature featuring positive protagonists who break societal stereotypes. Learn to lift your voice and let your inner beauty sing!
Anna Julia Cooper Education Kit - PDF - 441KB | RTF - 18.6KB

Charles W. Chesnutt: Dreamweaver
Celebrate Black Heritage Month by studying this dreamweaver who used his talents as a teacher, writer, speaker, and activist to persuade people to share his passion for a world in which all people are treated equally. Write poems, essays, and letters describing dreams for making the world a better place. Create dreamweavings and cultural kaleidoscopes demonstrating how celebrating multiple cultures contributes to the American dream.
Charles W. Chesnutt Foldout - PDF - 1MB | RTF - 27KB

Polar Lights
Put on your parka and mukluks! You and your students are going on an expedition to learn about the polar regions. Explore the glaciers, subglacial rivers, and volcanoes. Get up close and personal with furry, flippered, and feathered friends. Learn how other people have braved the frigid conditions to journey to the ends of the Earth. Watch to see how the beauty of the polar lights is reflected in your students’ eyes as they explore new worlds.
Polar Lights Poster - PDF - 1.5MB | RTF - 22KB

Ella Fitzgerald: First Lady of Song
Celebrate Black Heritage Month by studying this extraordinary vocalist who transcended a troubled childhood to become an American treasure. Create a musical timeline of the noteworthy events in Ella’s life. Explore her sensational lyrics and songs through poetry, painting, and dancing. Participate in an Amateur Hour, create a songbook and learn how to scat.
Ella Fitzgerald Foldout - PDF - 1.3MB | RTF - 20KB

Southern Florida Wetland/National Stamp Collecting Month
The subtropical wetlands of southern Florida are remnants of a great wilderness that stretched, unbroken, for hundreds of miles until about a century ago. They still include some of the most extensive saw grass marshes and mangrove swamps in the world — wetlands that support a remarkable number of species.
Southern Florida Wetland/National Stamp Collecting Month Poster - PDF - 6MB

Hattie McDaniel/Black History Month
Commemorate & Celebrate Icons of Black History: A U.S. Postal Service salute to significant African-American achievers in our nation's history.
Hattie McDaniel/Black History Month Education Kit - Kit PDF - 3MB | Poster PDF - 1MB | TXT

Constellations/National Stamp Collecting Month
Dare to go where no student has ever gone before. Unlock the midnight mysteries of starry, starry nights. Discover STARtling facts about our universe. Become super stargazers and star storytellers. Your students are guaranteed to become starry-eyed by participating in these activities! This education kit celebrates National Stamp Collecting Month. Extend and enrich your students' educational experiences by encouraging them to become lifelong philatelists by ordering stamp-collecting products at
Constellations/National Stamp Collecting Month Education Kit - PDF - 1MB | TXT

Marian Anderson: Voice of the Century
Celebrate Black American History Month by studying this consummate contralto. Students will become immersed in the world of opera, blues, and jazz as they explore these questions: Why was Marian Anderson called the voice of the century? How did she impact the lives of other Black musicians and millions of fans throughout the world? Who are other noteworthy Black American musicians from the past? Through studying Marian Anderson's life and contributions, students will learn what it means to live life with grace and dignity.
Marian Anderson Education Kit - PDF - 3.7MB | TXT

Cloudscapes/National Stamp Collecting Month
Students will become weatherwise as they learn to fearlessly forecast the weather. Build your own class weather station. Learn "weather" or not it will storm tomorrow! Your students' enthusiasm for these activities will be sky-high!
Cloudscapes/National Stamp Collecting Month Education Kit - PDF - 21MB | TXT
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