Cellular Management Policy


Policy Owner: Manager, Telecommunication Services

Note: An owner must be a PCES-level manager.

This policy provides formally documented management expectations and intentions.


The purpose for this policy is to promote the effective management and operation of cellular services used by the Postal Service. Cellular services encompass commercial networks that operate wireless using a cell type geographical topology. Cellular services include both voice and data transport services.


This policy applies to all Postal Service employees and contracted vendors regarding the acquisition and use of cellular services and devices. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

Note: This policy does not apply to the following:


Managers must use the following policies before acquiring any wireless service:

To acquire or make changes to existing cellular phone, Blackberry, and broadband services, the following two conditions must be met:


Postal Service employees with nonexempt status may obtain a cellular device only if they have a legitimate business need and the approval of both the PCES Manager and the Corporate Personnel Manager at Headquarters.


The following prohibitions will support the integrity and cost effectiveness of this technology:

Cellular Service Changes

The following service changes shall be made via the eAccess application:


Please see the Acceptable Use Policy for the policy governing the personal use of Postal Service equipment.

The Postal Service Manager must conduct routine examination of cellular phone billing summaries to ensure proper use of equipment.

The Postal Service Manager will decide if a cell phone is warranted and the type of cell phone plan that is required. Simple convenience is not a criterion for cell phone need. If the employee in question is at a specific job level, then their immediate supervisor shall make the determination. Postal Service cell phones may be assigned to employees provided at least one of the following two criteria is met:

Blackberry is the Postal Service standard and is the only Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) device supported by the Postal Service Information Technology (IT); technology enhancements may change this standard.

No proprietary, sensitive, or confidential data is ever to be stored on a cell phone. Lost, misplaced, and stolen cell phones must be reported to Postal Service Management immediately upon discovering that the device is missing.

Cell phone camera functions may not be used by Postal Service employees or contractors in restrooms, locker rooms, retail counter areas, mail processing areas, workroom floors, or any other areas unless approved by the area vice president or his or her designee for business purposes. Cameras or cell phones used as cameras in violation of this prohibition may be subject to temporary confiscation.

Once issued, cellular phones will be the total responsibility of the authorized user. A cellular phone shall not be transferred among users except in limited emergencies and with appropriate supervisory approval. When the user can no longer justify the use of the service at the Postal Service, he or she must complete a Cellular Service form and return the phone to the Telecommunication Office.

All members of the Postal Service community are expected to assist in the enforcement of this policy. Persons in violation of this policy are subject to sanctions, including, but not limited to, the loss of telephone or network access privileges or disciplinary action. Some violations may constitute legal actions as defined by local, state, and federal laws, and the Postal Service may initiate or assist in the prosecution of any such violations to the full extent of the law. Any suspected violation of this policy must be reported immediately to Postal Service Management.


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