Enterprise Architecture Review Process


Process Owner: Manager, Solutions Development and Support

Note: An owner must be a PCES-level manager.


This process establishes standard tools and processes for the enterprise architecture (EA) review within the Postal Service Technical Environment.

The purpose for the EA Review Process is to ensure the full and proper use of Postal Service information resources and technologies, including Information Technology (IT) human resources, IT processes, and infrastructure.


The EA Technology Initiative Prioritization Assessment (TIPA) review process applies to all Postal Service personnel and contracted vendors and applies to all projects introducing new or expanded use of IT services, technology solutions, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software, or freeware, as well as requests for free trials, evaluation copies, and new tools used in proof-of-concept evaluations.

The TIPA review process also applies to projects that require upgrades to software previously approved for inclusion in the Infrastructure Tool Kit (ITK), when additional features or functionality are added, or when the tool has undergone significant changes, such as a change to a subscription or cloud service platform.


The Enterprise Architecture team, in conjunction with departments under the Chief Information Officer (CIO) and the Privacy Office (when applicable), reviews every new or expanded use of IT services or technology solutions.

The TIPA review activities begin when a new tool has been identified by a project team or end user during the Sprint 0 phase of the Technology Solution Life Cycle (TSLC). If new tools that are not currently listed on the ITK are identified, the Enterprise Architecture / IT Solution Architecture teams are engaged to determine if existing tools offer the same capability. If there is a business need and justification for addition of the new tool, the EA team will provide support to the requestors in completing the TIPA template for review by the IT Leadership Team (ITLT).

Throughout the TIPA review process, there is a sequence of submit, review, stakeholder comments, recommendations, and record outcome that are facilitated by the EA team. Any requests for clarifications or additional information to support a request by TIPA reviewers are conveyed to the project teams through the IT Program Manager who supports the portfolio sponsoring the project.

Once the TIPA has completed vetting by the reviewers, it will be scheduled for review by the ITLT at the ITLT TIPA meeting where a vote is recorded. Approved TIPAs are routed to the Vice President, Information Technology, for signature. When the TIPA process is completed, the ITK is updated to include the new tool, the EA team archives a copy of the signed TIPA and a copy in PDF format is provided to the IT Program Manager and project team.

As with any project requiring technology support, business customers must initiate a conversation with their IT Business Relationship Program Manager using a documented business need. Business needs must be documented using the standard Business Needs Statement (BNS) template.

The IT Business Relationship Program Manager assists the business customer in evaluating solutions appropriate for the documented business need. When a tool that is not currently listed on the ITK is identified as a technology solution or a portion of an overall technology solution, the following steps are followed:

  1. A request for usage is submitted to EA using the Technology Initiative Prioritization Assessment (TIPA) template.
  2. The template is completed jointly by the IT program manager and the business owner (customer), in consultation with contracted project management support and with the support of IT Acquisition Support. It is important that no commitment be implied to a supplier or project support team during this step as usage of the technology has not yet been approved.

  3. The TIPA is submitted to the Enterprise Architecture team. The Enterprise Architecture team collaborates with Solutions Architecture, Information Security and other stakeholders, as applicable, including the Privacy and Records Office, to determine if any additional, nonstandard security and privacy requirements apply to the proposed solution. Based on the completion of their review, the Enterprise Architecture team coordinates clarifications and facilitates review with the ITLT.
  4. The ITLT TIPA meeting is utilized to provide a recommendation to the VP, Information Technology, who provides final approval for the addition to the ITK of reviewed solutions.
  5. If approved, IT Acquisition Support assists the IT program manager and business customer in documenting any contractual requirements and provides advice on procurement procedures. The TIPA review process is a review of business need and technical merit to ensure that selected technology and software tools can be implemented and supported within the enterprise.
  6. The TIPA review process does not supersede Supply Management procurement policies. Requestors must follow normal funding and procurement processes for purchasing. However, when submitting an eBuy for new COTS software tools that are not listed on the ITK, the eBuy must include a copy of the signed TIPA as indication that the request has undergone a formal technical review by the ITLT and has been approved by the VP, Information Technology.






There is no supporting documentation for this process.


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