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Rights & Permissions

Find further information on fees, licensing terms, and contract agreements for USPS suppliers and partners.

Fee Information
Unless you change the parameters of your use, fees are non-negotiable. We have already reduced our standard fees for small print runs and limited commercial usage to accommodate the needs of small businesses and individuals.

For USPS Suppliers and Partners
The terms of the agreement with the USPS should contain licensing terms which set out the parameters of USPS trademark use. If your contract does not contain licensing terms, contact your Contracting Officer to add these clauses to your agreement. All uses of USPS trademarks must be reviewed by Brand Equity and Design.

Licensing Terms
The terms of the agreements are non-negotiable. If you feel the terms are unfair for your situation, please send a request in writing to us explaining your situation.


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What does the Postal Service own?

  • USPS Corporate Signature
  • Priority Mail and Express Mail logos
  • USPS Stamp Images
  • Letter Carrier Uniform
  • Blue Collection Box
  • Post Office Murals and Sculptures
  • USPS Photos and Historical Materials
  • Copyrighted Print and Web Materials
  • Other Trademarks and Images