Rights and Permissions Overview

The U.S. Postal Service Office of Rights and Permissions reviews requests for the one-time, limited use of USPS trademarks and copyrighted materials. Find links to further information on specific uses and some basic information on the most common uses of these properties.

Uses Not Requiring Permission ›
Find out which uses of copyrighted material require prior permission from the Postal Service.

Stamp Use Information ›
Get information on stamps and their copyright restrictions.

Logo and Trademark Use ›
Get information on the use of U.S. Postal Service logos, common uses of those logos, and what fee may be required.

Entertainment-Related Trademark & Image Use ›
Want to use a U.S. Postal Service trademark or image in your film or other media or do you wish to film on U.S. Postal Service premises? Find out what you need to do to get permission.

New Deal Art: Murals and Sculptures ›
Find out what to do to get permission for your use of New Deal Art in Post Offices™.

Administrative & Royalty Fees ›
Find application and royalty fees as well as where to send them.

How to Apply for Permission ›
Get an application form and find out where to send it.

Information about Rights & Permissions ›
Find further information on fees, licensing terms, and contract agreements for USPS suppliers and partners.

Common Uses of Trademarks & Copyrighted Materials ›
See what kind of trademark and copyright uses are typically granted permission.

Permission for any use is granted on a case-by-case basis at the sole discretion of the Postal Service.


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What does the Postal Service own?

  • USPS Corporate Signature
  • Priority Mail and Express Mail logos
  • USPS Stamp Images
  • Letter Carrier Uniform
  • Blue Collection Box
  • Post Office Murals and Sculptures
  • USPS Photos and Historical Materials
  • Copyrighted Print and Web Materials
  • Other Trademarks and Images