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Let's do business together. A fleet of USPS delivery trucks lined uniformly in a horizontal row. The trucks are parked outside a Post Office in a parking lot.

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Our high level of quality and service
extends to our supply chain philosophy
and how we work with suppliers.

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Multiple monochrome stamps, in shades of yellow, blue, red, orange and green, from various time periods, laid atop one another. The stamps have various monetary values, ranging from 8 to 30 cents. They depict various images, including a biplane, a buffalo and a former U.S. President. A silver novelty wristwatch with blue bands and an intricate design on its face, resembling a snowflake.

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We love working with companies to license
products from shoes and clothing to
sporting goods, toys and stamp-related
gifts and novelties.

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The USPS has a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) using public key cryptography to provide security for all its electronic information.

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