Confirmation Services Forms

Confirmation Services provide you with peace of mind

We’ve got everything you need to set up Confirmation Services for your mailings—even a checklist to help you organize your to-do list!

PS Form 1357-S PDF ›
(Customer) Request for Computer Access (9/2003)

PS Form 3114 PDF ›
Intelligent Mail® Tray Label Certification (10/2008)

PS Form 3152 PDF ›
Confirmation Services Certification (7/2013)

PS Form 5052 PDF ›
Printer Certification Submission (3/2013)

PS Form 5053 PDF ›
Bulk Proof of Delivery Application (4/2013)

PS Form 5113 PDF ›
Barcode Certification Customer Application (1/2013)

PS Form 5114 PDF ›
Barcode Certification Printer Submission Form (2/2013)