4-2.5 Complex Systems

Many business solutions are complex and often combine commercial off–the–shelf (COTS) products, custom code by a supplier, custom code by Postal Service developers, and content from various sources.

In comprehensive technology solutions, more than one technical standard may apply. An obvious example is e–learning. The table below shows the diverse functions enabled by various technology mechanisms for the creation of instructional material and access to education services.


Exhibit 42.5Example of Complex Business Solution Involving Various Section 508 Standards


Software and Operating Systems


Video and Multimedia

e–Learning training functions

Desktop Computer–Based Training.

Complex interaction with user.

May include embedded multimedia/video material.

Learning Management Systems.

Registration, browsing, selecting, viewing individual courses.

May include embedded multimedia or video.

May include downloads
that launch software or video/media player.

Administrative setup and reporting.

Audiovisual material.

May be presented in classroom environment, on the Web, or as an application running on a desktop computer.

e–Learning creation


Construction of content for desktop application, Web pages, or video presentations.

Construction of Web pages for student and administration functions.

Creation of multimedia (video and audio) content.

In this example, provisions from three standards (1194.21, Software applications and operating systems; 1194.22, Web–based intranet and internet information and applications; 1194.24, Video and multimedia products) apply. All relevant provisions must be met. A full evaluation requires not only adherence to these specific provisions but an evaluation of the functional performance criteria of the entire system.