11-11.1 Wireless Baseline Requirements

The following baseline requirements are key to ensuring basic functionality, maximum bandwidth, and appropriate network security:

  1. Wireless applications must be capable of “mutual” device and user authentication (i.e., the device, the user, and the network must recognize each to be who they say they are).
  2. There must be a secure link between a device and an access point (AP).
  3. In addition to approval by the EAC, all wireless technology must be approved by the Spectrum Management Office before any implementation activities are initiated.
  4. The installation of access points, wireless cards, or any wireless technology must be approved in advance by the manager, Telecommunication Services, and the NCRB because of the risks such installations can introduce to the Postal Service intranet, networks, and all connected information resources.
  5. Telecommunications Services is authorized to deploy the standard wireless solution without additional approvals.
  6. Wireless and wired networks must be developed and maintained separately and distinctly. A firewall is required between the wired and wireless network segments if Postal Service certificates are not used to authenticate the devices to the network.

Connecting APs or using wireless technology without proper prior approval introduces an unacceptable risk to the Postal Service intranet and other assets. Nonapproved wireless technology must be removed from the Postal Service computing environment.