12-2 Governance

Continuity manager: On behalf of the CIO, the continuity manager facilitates day-to-day continuity programs and serves as chair of inter-department forums and working groups including the CIO Continuity Working Group (ICWG) as appropriate. The continuity manager serves as the primary point of contact (POC) with the USPS Office of Policy and Planning for continuity program matters, including preparedness and operational activities. The continuity manager administers support to CIO components to ensure that leadership and continuity personnel are properly trained and facilities properly equipped to execute continuity plans with little or no notice.

CIO Continuity Working Group: The CIO Continuity Working Group establishes a monthly coordination meeting, with CIO Functional Group coordinators. These continuity coordination meetings are designed to serve as manager-level forums for promoting the development, coordination, and integration of continuity planning and programs within the CIO Organization. The continuity manager and other continuity FGCs work collaboratively to plan and coordinate implementation of Continuity Policy within their respective organizations.