6-6.3 Systems, Network, or Database Administrator Departure

Routine separation or adverse termination of a systems, network, or database administrator requires taking extra care and precautions. Upon departure, remove the privileged access as quickly as possible to maintain the security and integrity of the specific information resources to which the administrator had access. After departure, monitor the affected information resources for improper use or access. Specifically, the manager, supervisor, or company official (for contractors/suppliers) of the departing systems or database administrator must:

  1. Follow the requirements documented above for routine separation or for adverse termination as applicable.
  2. Reconfigure access lists to remove the departed administrator’s accounts.
  3. Disable or change the password or login requirements to all shared devices and applications.
  4. Disable or change passwords to all shared service and privileged accounts.
  5. Disallow physical access to buildings, systems, and information associated with the departed administrator’s former access.
  6. Monitor all privileged accounts for usage and access to the systems, applications, and databases formerly under the administrator’s control to ensure all access has been removed.
  7. Review records for Postal Service information approved for removal offsite and make appropriate efforts to recover information and/or equipment as applicable. Notify the manager, Corporate Information Security Office, of any information identified as removed but not recovered.