A-2 Summary Narrative

A-2.1 Overview of the AMP Worksheet

The Summary Narrative highlights savings and costs associated with a consolidation along with other impacts. See Exhibit A-2, Summary Narrative, for a sample. The narrative should include, but is not limited to, the following:

1. Header section containing the following information:

2. Background information:

3. Financial summary with expected first-year savings.

4. Customer and service considerations:

5. Staffing impacts.

6. Equipment relocation and maintenance impacts.

7. Transportation changes.

8. Note other significant cost savings programs occurring during the AMP process but not associated with consolidation. Identify other initiatives expected to have a financial impact to the losing or gaining facility.

9. An 8½” x 11” colored map of the area where the consolidation will occur is required. The map must highlight landmarks pertinent to the proposal including each impacted facility, major highways, and the boundaries of all three-digit ZIP Code areas affected.