A-5 Stakeholders Notification

A-5.1 Overview of the AMP Worksheet

A vital aspect of AMP is timely, clear communication with all stakeholders. An announcement of an AMP feasibility study starts the communication with employees, employee organizations, local government officials, media, community groups and local mailers. A team approach should be used to communicate with all craft and management organizations.

Once headquarters SVP Operations has received the notification of intent for an AMP feasibility study, the manager Network Alignment Implementation will initiate planning with the area AMP coordinator for the announcement to stakeholders identified on the Stakeholders Notification worksheet. Additional communications to stakeholders include the date, time and location of the public meeting, other events such as a study placed on hold, a study resumed, and when a decision on the AMP is reached. See Exhibit A-5, Stakeholders Notification, for a sample.

Local facilities must follow the matrix and use templates from the current AMP Communications Plan when providing information about specific AMP benchmarks. The AMP Communications Plan is available electronically from http://blueshare.usps.gov/sites/procops/amp.