A-5.2 Completing the AMP Worksheet

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The name of losing facility is populated from the information recorded on the AMP Data Entry Page.

  • AMP Event: Select a specific event from a pull down list for communication to stakeholders. Specific events include the start of study, the public meeting, other events such as study placed on hold or study resumed and final decision. When entering information for the public meeting, enter the location, date and time of the meeting.

Documentation of Communications

  • Employees: Indicate the method, such as NewsBreak, service talks, or tour meetings, used to notify employees about an AMP event and the notification dates.
  • Employee Organizations: Provide the names, titles, and dates that local union officials and management associations were notified of an AMP event.
  • Local Government Officials: Provide the names, titles, office, and dates when local government officials were notified of an AMP event. Include the top city official, such as mayor, city manager, or township supervisor, and representatives to the state legislature.
  • Media: Provide the names of contact persons for local print and broadcast media and dates of notification.
  • Community Organizations/Groups: Indicate the name of person contacted, name of the organization, and notification dates. Community organizations may include the Chamber of Commerce or other prominent groups within a local community.
  • Local Mailers: Identify the person, name of company, and the date of contact. Local mailers belong to our “preferred” marketing segment, representing a diverse group of commercial customers. Average annual revenue to the Postal Service from these mailers ranges from $5,000 to $156,000. Local mailers could include the local utility company or other commercial businesses. Do not duplicate entities listed as community organizations.
  • If more lines are needed to document the communication contacts, please use additional sheets. Copies of all letters and the Stakeholder Notification worksheet showing the specific communication event must be provided to the area AMP coordinator after communication occurs and kept on file as supporting documentation.

Exhibit A-5 

Stakeholders Notification

Exhibit A-5, Stakeholders Notification