A-7.4 Overview of AMP Worksheet for Function 4 Offices

When the losing facility is a Function 4 post office additional data gathering procedures are necessary prior to completing the worksheet. Since Function 4 offices do not utilize the same database for operations, volumes and workhours as Function 1 offices, special instructions to obtain data have been developed. A separate worksheet for each office being consolidated must be completed. If more than one office is to be consolidated, complete a summary (roll-up) worksheet showing total cost by operation.

A Function 4 office must record volume (in feet) and work hours for specific operations for 14 consecutive days, beginning Saturday and ending Friday. Daily data collection sheets are available from the Manager, Network Alignment Implementation. The weekly spreadsheet correlates Function 4 operations to Function 1 operations and tracks daily volume and work hours for seven days. The spreadsheet for the final computation of the Function 4 survey will convert volume in feet to pieces and allocate a percentage for an operation’s total annual volume and workhours.