A-9.2 Completing the AMP Worksheet

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AMP Worksheet Columns

Column instructions are the same for both the losing and gaining facilities except for proposed positions. Columns 1 through 6 apply to the losing facility. Columns 7 through 12 apply to the gaining facility.

Employee categories by function/craft are listed. All craft positions that are currently assigned to the finance number are included. “Other Functions” includes all positions not specifically listed in the Craft Positions column.

1. Casuals On-Rolls: Column reports the data from WebCOINS.

2. Part-Time On-Rolls: Column reports the data from WebCOINS.

3. Full-Time On-Rolls: Column reports the data from WebCOINS.

4. Total On-Rolls: Formula calculates the total of all craft employees On-Rolls.

5. Total Proposed: Prior to completing this column, review completed worksheets showing current and proposed workhours and equipment impacts to understand the proposed shift from the losing to the gaining facility and the operations that will be remaining in the losing facility.

6. Difference: Formula calculates the difference between the Total Proposed and Total On–Rolls positions.