A-11.2 Completing the AMP Worksheet

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AMP Worksheet Columns

Column instructions are the same for both the losing and gaining facilities. Columns 1 through 7 apply to the losing facility. Columns 8 through 14 apply to the gaining facility.

1. Route Numbers: List all current affected and proposed routes.

2. Current Annual Mileage: Enter the current mileage for the contract affected from the HCR Data file.

3. Current Annual Cost: Enter the current estimated annual cost from the HCR Data File, which includes the fuel costs, for the affected routes.

4. Current Cost per Mile: The current cost per mile is calculated for each route.

5. Proposed Annual Mileage: Enter the proposed annual mileage for the expected changes and for any new routes.

6. Proposed Annual Cost: The proposed annual costs are derived by determing the change in annual mileage multiplied by 85 percent of the current cost per mile and added to current annual costs.

7. Proposed Cost per Mile: The proposed cost per mile is calculated for each route.

Proposed Trip Impacts: The current annual and proposed trips are used to determine the workload for dock operations.