A-15.2 Completing the AMP Worksheet

Header Section

The losing facility name and the type of distribution to consolidate are populated from the information recorded on the AMP Data Entry Page.

AMP Worksheet Sections

Section 1. Indicate each DMM labeling list that would be affected if the AMP proposal was approved. Upon approval of the AMP, the area Distribution Networks Office must complete the applicable change request forms.

Section 2. For a destinating AMP, indicate any changes that would be made to DMM L005, 3-Digit ZIP Code Prefix Groups-SCF Sortation.

Section 3. For an originating AMP, indicate the changes that would be made to DMM L201, Periodicals Origin Split and First-Class Mail Mixed ADC/AADC.

Section 4. Drop Shipments for Destination Entry Discounts: Use applicable NASS Codes for the losing and gaining facilities to obtain monthly data for the two most recently completed months from the Appointment Summary Report in the Facility Access and Shipment Tracking (FAST). Note: the start date may not exceed 90 days prior to the current date, and the end date may not exceed the current date.

Section 5. Notes: Identify any changes to the hours for drop shipments or slot availability that would be made in FAST for any destination entry office affected by the AMP consolidation.

Exhibit A-15 

Distribution Changes

Exhibit A-15, Distribution Changes