A-17.2 Completing the AMP Worksheet

Name of losing facility will populate from information entered on AMP Data Entry Page.

Space Evaluation

1. Affected Facility: Enter the name and complete delivery address of the facility whose space is impacted by the AMP. If multiple facilities are affected, provide requested information for each one.

2. Lease Information: If the facility is USPS owned, skip to number (3) below [data source: electronic Facilities Management System (eFMS also known as FMS WIN)].

3. Current Square Footage: Enter total interior square footage of the affected facility (either leased or owned) [data source: eFMS]. Do not include dock space or parking area. Enter the square footage of gained space expected with the approved AMP after operations are relocated.

4. Planned Utilization of Acquired Space: Provide detailed description of the plan to utilize space, if the AMP proposal is approved.

5. Facility Costs: Enter any projected one-time costs associated with lease termination.

6. Savings Information: List expected savings from terminating leases. Provide details of savings in the notes section. Space savings will be carried forward to the Executive Summary.

7. Notes: Enter the details of the projected one-time costs, space savings and any other explanatory notes.

One-Time Costs

Remote Encoding Center Cost per 1000

Column instructions are the same for the losing and gaining facilities. Columns 1 through 3 apply to the losing facility. Columns 4 through 6 apply to the gaining facility. (data source: WebROADS)

1. Product: Product types are identified.

2. Associated REC: Enter the name of the REC associated with the processing of the product shown.

3. Current Cost Per 1000 Images: Record the data as reported in the WebROADS report titled “National REC TOE Cost Per 1000 Ranking Report”. Report period is for current fiscal Year to Date (YTD) and date of actual report is recorded in the header section (YTD Range of Report).

Exhibit A-17 

Space Evaluation and Other Costs

Exhibit A-17, Space Evaluation and Other Costs