B-16 Distribution Changes

B-16.1 Overview of the PIR Worksheet

Using discount or “bulk” mailing services, mailers receive postage reductions for larger mailings by preparing and sorting according to postal requirements and depositing at designated locations. Labeling lists in the Domestic Mail Manual (DMM) provide information to mailers for various sortation levels and distribution of containers. See Exhibit B-16, Distribution Changes, for a sample.

Generally, changes to DMM labeling lists are published six times per year. A specific DMM labeling list may need revision based on the type of AMP distribution proposed for consolidation.

An AMP that involved the transfer of only destinating or both destinating and originating operations may require additional changes to other labeling lists, such as DMM L002, 3-Digit ZIP Code Prefix Matrix and L005, 3-Digit ZIP Code Prefix Groups-SCF Sortation.

At a minimum, originating AMPs may require a change to the distribution labeling list in DMM L201, Periodicals Origin Split and First-Class Mail Mixed ADC/AADC.

All DMM labeling lists must be reviewed to ensure appropriate changes were made. Following the decision to implement an AMP, staff members from the area’s Distribution Networks Office are responsible for submitting requests for DMM labeling changes to headquarters Transportation Field Support. Forms are available from http://blue.usps.gov/site/wcm/connect/network_operations/general/policy_and_guidance/dispatch_distribution_and_labeling.