B-17.2 Completing the PIR Worksheet

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PIR Worksheet Entries

Data for Pre AMP and Proposed columns comes from related columns in the AMP Customer Service Issues worksheet. Instructions below will provide information to populate the PIR columns.

1. Collection Points: Obtain information about posted pick-up times from the Collection Point Management System (CPMS). Use the Notes section to explain if any collection boxes were removed from service because of the AMP.

2. Local Delivery Boxes Designated: Indicate how many collection boxes are designated for local delivery.

3. Local Delivery Boxes Removed: Indicate how many collection boxes were removed because of the AMP.

4. Delivery Performance Report: Enter data from the most recently completed quarters indicating the percentage of carriers in the performance cluster that returned from their routes before 5:00 p.m. (data source: webEIS).

5. Retail Unit Inside the Losing Facility: Enter the window service hours available for customers to conduct transactions at the retail unit inside the losing facility (data source: Facilities Database).

6. Business (Bulk) Mail Acceptance: Enter the hours available to customers to present presorted mailings for verification and acceptance. If no bulk mail entry unit is available at the losing facility, enter NA (not applicable) in these fields (data source: Facilities Database).

7. Local Postmark: Indicate whether a local postmark is available to customers.

8. Notes: Enter any applicable notes for the losing facility.

9. Postmark: Indicate the Line 1 and the optional Line 2 information from postmarks applied by the advanced facer canceler system at the gaining facility. If an image of the postmark is available, import the image to the worksheet.

Exhibit B-17 

Customer Service Issues

Exhibit B-17, Customer Service Issues