1-2 Benefits of Consolidation

The Postal Service is able to keep pace with the needs of a changing nation by using a flexible network approach. These efforts support improvements in process consistency, equipment standardization, economies of scale, achievement of service objectives, and customer satisfaction.

The benefits of AMP are as follows:

  1. AMP centralizes mail processing operations to better use resources, including space, staffing, processing equipment, and transportation.
  2. AMP takes advantage of state-of-the art technologies available at the gaining facility so originating and/or destinating mail can be processed more efficiently.
  3. AMP supports network rationalization and reduces redundancies.
  4. AMP should have minimal impact to customer services. Business mail entry, retail, and delivery services are expected to remain unchanged in most cases. Local mailers can expect indicia requirements for their postage meters or permit imprints to remain the same. Local postmarks will continue to be available at Post Offices. ZIP Codes will not change as a result of AMP.