2-3.2 First Steps

The area office will appoint an area AMP coordinator to act as the liaison between Headquarters, the district, and gaining and losing facilities. This person is responsible for providing assistance and guidance during the development of an AMP feasibility study. The area AMP coordinator establishes an area functional review team to assist during the entire AMP process and provides validation of data contained in the feasibility study. The AMP coordinator is the primary contact for Headquarters and resolves issues associated with an AMP proposal.

The area AMP coordinator contacts the manager Network Alignment Implementation (NAI) and requests data on all service standard impacts. The request must include information for addresses, finance numbers, type of distribution to consolidate, and ZIP Code pairs for facilities under consideration. The service standard impacts are returned to the area AMP coordinator within 15 days. Based on the outcome of initial considerations, the area determines whether to proceed with an AMP feasibility study.