3-4.2 Area Responsibilities

Area responsibilities include the following:

  1. The area AMP coordinator, in conjunction with the area functional review team, has up to 60 days to validate worksheets from the AMP feasibility study and finalize the business case that will be sent to the AVP. The area AMP coordinator must ensure all supporting documentation provided by the local facilities is retained for three years after the HQ approval of the final PIR or after the last step taken in the AMP process, if the AMP is not approved.
  2. The AVP evaluates the business case along with public comments, then:
    1. Concurs with the proposal, signs the Approval Signatures worksheet, mails a copy of the original document to the SVP Operations, and sends an electronic copy to manager Network Alignment Implementation (NAI), or
    2. Does not concur with the proposal, returns the study to the district manager of the gaining facility, and mails a copy to the SVP Operations along with an explanation for this decision.