3-4.3 Headquarters Responsibilities

Headquarters responsibilities include the following:

  1. Within 60 days of receipt of the feasibility study, the manager NAI will complete a review with other Headquarters functional organizations. If substantive changes are made to the AMP study during this review, a copy of the study will be returned to the area AMP coordinator who will obtain concurrences on a new Approval Signatures worksheet.
  2. A review by the Office of the Vice President Consumer Advocate ensures that adequate attention and resolution was given to the public input at the district and area levels prior to the consideration of the AMP by the SVP Operations.
  3. The SVP Operations makes the final decision for the consolidation of mail processing operations. Notice of the final decision will be sent to the AVP, along with an explanation if the AMP is disapproved.
  4. For approved AMP proposals, the manager NAI maintains oversight through the post-implementation reviews.