4-4 Communications Plan Overview

The objective of the AMP Communications Plan is to communicate effectively to the public and Postal Service employees the fact that consolidation of operations improves efficiency and/or service. The AMP worksheet, Stakeholders Notification, identifies those local stakeholders who require timely and appropriate communications, including the following:

  1. Employees.
  2. Employee organizations.
  3. Appropriate individuals at various levels of government.
  4. Local media.
  5. Community organizations.
  6. Local mailers.

Communications to stakeholders must occur when the following milestones in the AMP process are reached:

  1. Notice of intent to undertake an AMP feasibility study.
  2. Scheduling of public meeting.
  3. Final decision about the approval or disapproval of an AMP proposal.
  4. Other events, such as placing a study on hold or resuming a feasibility study.