7-2 Time Frames

The first PIR is completed within 30 days after the second full quarter following implementation and will indicate if the gaining facility is on the right track for achieving expected savings. The first PIR determines whether the AMP consolidation achieved necessary training, relocations, transportation, operational changes, and workhour adjustments. The review will alert the responsible parties of the necessity to change or correct any deficiencies, if these things were not accomplished. If needed, an action plan must be developed to ensure targets are met by the gaining facility.

The final PIR is completed within 30 days after the first full year of implementation, and it compares proposed against actual data. The final PIR determines the viability of the consolidation and allows management the opportunity for decision analysis concerning the AMP plan.

Within 30 days after receiving a PIR, the SVP Operations notifies the AVP of the final disposition of the PIR.