7-3 Conducting a Post-Implementation Review

The area AMP coordinator associated with the gaining facility is responsible for ensuring that a PIR is accurately completed within the given time frames. A PIR will not be considered complete until it has been reviewed and approved by the SVP Operations. Other important items about conducting a PIR include the following:

  1. For each PIR, a new set of worksheets must be completed. Actual PIR worksheets are available online at http://blueshare.usps.gov/sites/procops/amp. Formulas in specific cells of the worksheets calculate data or carry forward totals to other worksheets. The use of these formulas streamlines completion of a worksheet and ensures accuracy. Formulas are locked to prevent alteration. Each time a workbook is saved, the system automatically records the date and time to each individual worksheet within the workbook.
  2. In general, the same methodology employed with the submission of the original AMP proposal is used for PIR worksheets.
  3. As with an AMP proposal, a summary narrative must be included. The narrative must address all issues applicable to those quarters immediately following an AMP implementation and affirm the AMP was implemented as approved.
  4. Obtain the necessary signatures on the Approval Signatures worksheet to ensure that all levels of management are aware of the success or deficiency resulting from the AMP.