8-2 Process

When it is deemed necessary to reverse an AMP, the gaining facility must complete a narrative statement and provide detailed information on the need to change. The narrative is sent to the area office for concurrence. The area vice president (AVP) will send a letter to the Headquarters senior vice president (SVP) Operations with an explanation of the reasons for the reversal and impacts expected from the change.

The narrative must address the following:

  1. Service impact.
  2. Community impact.
  3. Staffing impact and requirements.
  4. Replacing budget hours and volume back into an office formerly consolidated into the gaining facility.
  5. Changes in automation utilization and impacts on the automation mailstream.
  6. Replacement of equipment.
  7. Impact of reinstating transportation.

The request must also include a detailed action plan, including a timeline of intended actions for accomplishing the reversal.