Holiday happenings

Our mail processing team is ready for the holidays

By Mike Porter

Open package with a wrapped present inside

It’s not only peak season — it’s our season

Seriously, where did the time go? One minute you’re searching for Halloween candy and the next, it’s time to shop for holiday cards and gifts to mail to your loved ones.

Though the holiday season can be hectic, know that the Postal Service has your back. Our processing and distribution team — the people who process the letters and packages for domestic, military and international delivery — have been preparing all year long.

It’s not only peak season, it’s also OUR season, and we are working hard to shine for our customers.

In preparation, we hired nearly 15,000 temporary processing employees in October because we know that our success begins with our employees.

We installed 50 new package sorting machines and deployed additional material handling equipment at facilities nationwide throughout 2022. Our innovative machines sort high volumes at epic speeds.

The Single Induction Package Sorter can sort at least 2,250 pieces an hour and requires less than 1,500 square feet of space.

We leased 17 temporary mail processing facilities to handle holiday mail volume.

Because our team prepares for the holidays all year long, we had time to create a strategy with a clear vision that will lead us to success. Success means getting mail and packages to you and your loved ones in a timely manner. This is our mission, and we fully understand the importance of that mission to the American people.

Last year, the Postal Service processed more than 13.2 billion cards, letters, flats and packages during the holiday season. We expect similar numbers this year.

We are ready.

So, as the holidays get closer, don’t stress. Leave the delivering to us. We got you!

NOTE: The employee and equipment numbers detailed in this post refer only to the Postal Service’s mail processing operation. Total numbers can be found here.

USPS Postmaster van illustration.