Tag 191, Domestic and International Ballots

The Postal Service recommends the use of green Tag 191, Domestic and International Ballots, to identify trays and sacks that contain ballot mail. Although use of the tag is optional, it provides greater visibility to containers of ballot mail as they move through Postal Service processing and distribution operations.

USPS plastic tray on conveyer belt

Tag 191 may only be used to identify ballot mail addressed for domestic or international delivery. The tag is not to be used to identify containers of other types of Official Election Mail such as polling place notices, voter registration notices, or other election-related materials. Tag 191 may not be used by organizations or individuals for Political Campaign Mail that promotes political candidates, referendums, or political campaigns.

Affix Tag 191 to the mail container as follows:

  • Strapped Letter Trays: Using a plastic twist tie, attach Tag 191 to the strap at the end of the tray that bears the tray label.
  • Non-strapped Letter Trays: For trays permitted to be tendered without strapping, attach Tag 191 to the tray with a rubber band that is double-looped through the tray handhold at the end that bears the tray label.
  • Sacks and Flat Trays with Flat-Size Mail: Depending on the type of sack, attach Tag 191 to either the strap or label holder on the sack.


New for 2018: You can order Tag 191, Domestic and International Ballots, online and they can be mailed directly to your office: please visit http://about.usps.com/gov-services/election-mail/ or contact your Business Mail Entry Unit at https://postalpro.usps.com/node/1623.

front and back of tag 191, ballots only

Please use this Tag 191 for ballot mail. Additional tags can be obtained through your local Post Office™ facility.

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