Informed Visibility® Mail Tracking and Reporting (IV®-MTR) Fact Sheet for Election Mail

The IV-MTR application provides near real-time and expanded visibility of mailpieces (letters and flats), bundles, handling units (trays, tubs, and sacks), and containers. This provides you with insight as mail moves through the mailstream, enabling you to better plan election mail resources. IV-MTR also enables you to receive the data you want, when you want it, and how you want it through flexible data provisioning and data delegation.

One way IV-MTR expands visibility is by leveraging GPS tracking information from carrier hand-held scanners to create logical delivery events, providing insight into when mail is delivered without the need for a physical scan. This helps fill in visibility gaps, giving you powerful end-to-end tracking capabilities.

IV-MTR expands visibility beyond physical scans of mail objects by leveraging the intelligence of Full-Service Intelligent Mail® and nesting associations. For example, IV-MTR creates assumed handling events for nested mail whenever the mail aggregate containing the nested mail is scanned.

How does IV-MTR help Election Officials?

For outgoing mail, IV-MTR helps you do the following:

For incoming reply mail, IV-MTR helps you do the following:

How do I get started with IV-MTR?

To learn more or get started with IV-MTR service, visit our website, send an email, or contact the IV-MTR help desk.



IV-MTR Help Desk: 1-800-238-3150, Option #2. The Help Desk is available 7 AM to 7 PM CT, Monday through Friday (closed on holidays).

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