2020 Official Election Mail

January 2020

According to the 2018 Election Administration and Voting Survey, a quarter of the 120 million Americans that cast a ballot in the 2018 general election voted by mail. In preparation for increasing Official Election Mail volume during the 2020 election season, the Postal Service™ has developed the 2020 Official Election Mail Kit to help you in the planning and preparation of election-related mail.

The kit is part of our continued commitment to provide you with the tools necessary to use the U.S. Mail™ as a secure, efficient, and effective way to facilitate the election process. For added security and peace of mind, Official Election Mail is protected by the United States Postal Inspection Service®, the oldest federal law enforcement agency in the nation.

Included in your 2020 Official Election Mail Kit (Kit 600) are the following fact sheets and publications: