February 2015

Dear Postal Colleagues:

As I begin my tenure as Postmaster General, I am deeply humbled by the opportunity to serve this organization and the American public.

Like many of us, I was attracted to a career with the Postal Service because I was inspired by friends and family members who served their communities as employees of the Postal Service. That inspiration has stayed with me every day since 1986-when I started as a Letter Carrier in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and is rekindled whenever I think of the dedication of postal employees everywhere who serve the public and our customers so well, and who have made the Postal Service such an amazing organization.

Despite all of the changes in the world since I began my career, the Postal Service continues to play an indispensable role in every American community-connecting people to each other, to businesses and their government, one doorstep and mailbox at a time.

I firmly believe that our future is filled with opportunity, not just through the prism of winning customers and growing our business, but also from the perspective of enhancing our brand and the value we provide to the American public.  We can reinvigorate the way we serve our customers and the public by constantly looking forward as an organization, anticipating the changing needs of our customers, and adapting as quickly as we can to a competitive and evolving marketplace.

As the world's greatest delivery organization, we are well-positioned to do so.  The pace of change in the delivery business will accelerate in the coming years, and our long-term success depends on strategies that continually strengthen our core offerings.  As we move forward, we will do the following:

We have a lot of momentum as an organization today-despite our financial challenges.  We continue to take prudent steps to bring our costs and revenues into better alignment.   However, the way we are structured today and the way we serve the public today will not be adequate to fully meet the demands of tomorrow's marketplace.  To be successful in the future, we will continually reorient our business strategies to better connect with our customers and redefine the ways we serve the American public.

As we collectively shape a brighter future for the organization, I am always mindful that the Postal Service is not merely defined by what it does, but rather by the many people who have dedicated their careers to serving the American public.  Your commitment to our public service mission and to delivering for our customers defines who we are as an organization and is the bedrock of all of our successes.

Thank you for keeping your eyes focused on the future and for serving the public so well.   I look forward to working with you.

Megan Brennan

SW WASHNGTON DC  20260-0010