Nov. 24, 2021

Princeton Letter Carrier Recognized

Postal Service to present Postmaster General Hero Award

Princeton Letter Carrier Brandon Neber

PRINCETON, IN — The Postal Service honored Princeton Letter Carrier Brandon Neber as a Postmaster General Hero for his actions aiding a customer who had fallen. A presentation was held at the Princeton Post Office on Wednesday, November 24, 2021.

Earlier this year while delivering mail, Neber found one of his customers lying in the yard. It was a hot day and the 75-year old man did not know how long he had been lying in sun, unable to get up. Neber helped the customer get inside his home, notified help, and later returned to check on the customer. The customer thanked Neber for assisting him.

“It gives us great pride to have such an outstanding employee as Brandon,” said Acting Postmaster Lauren Turner. “USPS employees really do look out for their customers”.

The Postmaster General Hero Award is given to those who perform a heroic act above and beyond the call of duty while on the job.

The Postal Service generally receives no tax dollars for operating expenses, and relies on the sale of postage, products and services to fund its operations.



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