April 7, 2020

Dogs Don’t Self-Isolate

Letter carriers appeal to pet owners to contain their dogs

LOUISVILLE, KY — Anytime children are home during school closures, incidents of dog attacks on postal carriers have a tendency to increase. Children rush to the door when they see a mail carrier and the household dog usually follows. At other times, children play outside their home and the family dog is with them. Either way, this leaves our letter carriers vulnerable to a dog attack.

As the Postal Service continues to provide an essential service during the current crisis, we want to make sure our carriers are safe and out of harm’s way while making their appointed rounds.

Pet owners are asked to wait for the carrier to leave the area before opening the door to get their mail or package. Dogs have been known to slip around their owner while the door is open to attack a carrier. Dogs should be restrained and/or kept in another room as mail carriers make personal deliveries. If pets are outside, they should be on a leash or otherwise contained and under the control of the owner.



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