Albanian Post advises that the government state of emergency has ended but measures aimed at minimizing spread of COVID-19 continue. Due to resumption of flights to and from the country, Albanian Post’s operations are returning to normal. However, transport capacity remains variable and the list of destination countries is fluid and liable to change from day to day. The post is unable to transport mail and parcels to a select group of countries and it will not accept postal items destined for these countries until sufficient transport capacity becomes available. The force majeure situation remains in place, however, Albanian Post is working to meet delivery standards.


Albanian Post advises that a state of emergency and government lockdown measures are extended until June 26. Due to a lack of transport capacity, the post is unable to send mail to many countries and has stopped accepting express mail service items within its network. Letters and parcels will be accepted only for those destinations where transport capacity is available. Albanian Post is declaring a situation of force majeure with regard to letters and parcels and is unable to guarantee service quality for international inbound and outbound services until further notice.